The Phenomenal Blog of J.J. (For the King)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My VERY LAST Blog Post!!

You heard right. The Phenomenal Blog of J.J. (For the King) is closing. Why, you ask?

I've moved my blog to my new site,! (Some of you may already know this.) I've recently implemented Google Friend Connect onto the website so you can follow it.

Steps to Follow New Site!

1. On the bottom, left-hand corner is a sign-up link. Click it.

2. In the pop-up, choose a site to sign-up with (probably Google).

3. Sign in to that account.

4. Make sure that the box to receive my newsletter is selected. (I will use this to alert you when new posts are available.) Finally, select "done".

When I post something, it should also show up in your Blogger feed.

Visit NOW! >>

For the final time, this is J.J. Biddinger, signing off. See ya'll soon. :)